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Welcome to my web site!

I am so glad you could pop in and have a look at my site.  Hope all you questions are answered.

I offer you as business owner the service of doing your creditors, debitors, rekoning of bankstatement and all transactions to trail balance for YOU while you go on with your business. 

All creditors will be done with statements and what needs to be paid, then given to you on the 25th of a month so that you then just have to pay it and file untill needed.  I will then just the require a list of what was paid with amount for my records. 

If required, we will do you debitors too.  We are also able to get statements ready to be send out should you wish us to do so.

All other transactions as well as the reconsiliation of your bankstatements will be done on the quickbooks system.

All payments can be done for you aswell as your payroll aswell as all off SARS forms, like the EMP201 & VAT201.

We are also able to register C.C. as well as othe registrationsfor you. Please look under registrations for more details.

Outsource your payroll with us for professional payroll for small businesses.

Confidentiality is assured.

We specialize in South Africa . 

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MLS Bookkeeping * P O Box 4073 * Witbeeck * South Africa* 1729